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Stanley Highlights

Capital of the Falklands since 1845, the colorful seaside town of Stanley on the windsept tip of East Falkland Islands has much to offer to the visitors.

Explore the peaceful and charming town of Stanley in comfort during this two hour sightseeing tour.


King Penguins at Volunteer Point

Spend the day at one of the largest penguin colonies in the Faklands. Volunteer Point is home to 1.300 king penguins, as well as a number of Gentoo and Magellanic penguins call these islands home and share the coastal waters with elephant seals, sea lions, albatross and geese.

Exclusive Sand Point

An incredible and majestic experience in life. For  birdwatchers and nature lovers, enjoy the peace and this magical encounter with the wildife. Sand Point brings to your soul the perfect escape under the blessings of the nature.

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